If you’ve ever used a boogie board, you have Tom Morey to thank. If you’ve ever used removable fins on a surfboard, you have Tom Morey to thank. If you’ve ever enjoyed (or taken part in) a contest where surfers are paid, you have Tom Morey to thank. Are you sensing a theme?

The man most notably known for inventing the Boogie Board, Morey has contributed countless other ideas, inventions and general stoke to the surf world over the years.

Now 82, the San Clemente resident has succumbed to deteriorating health and is in a dire financial situation.

So those in the community and in the surf world have banned together to create a fundraiser for Morey. Spearheaded by (arguably the world’s best bodyboarder) Mike Stewart, the fundraiser hopes to get Morey and his wife Marchia immediate financial help.

Morey invented the Boogie Board in 1971, but sold the company and severed all ties with it in 1977 to focus on other endeavors. So the man who invented it has not quite reaped the benefits of the popularity the Boogie Board has gained worldwide.

“It’s the least we can do, it’s been a life-changing experience for a lot of people. It’s brought them a relationship with the ocean, as a result of his simple invention. It’s such a priceless thing. It’s just a way to give back to him,” Mike Stewart said of the Boogie Board to The O.C. Register.

Check out the fundraiser to help Tom Morey here.

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