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Fans of Clay Marzo have been treated to rare new footage of the enigmatic surfer over the past few weeks. He guest starred on an episode of the “Surf House” web series on the North Shore of Oahu and dropped an edit by Tom Jennings from his current digs in Western Australia. Well known as one of the most wildly talented surfers in the world, Marzo has Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism, and he shies away from competition and crowds on any kind. Once part of Quiksilver’s vaunted Young Guns crew alongside Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, and Ry Craike, he was part of the company’s purge of athletes a few months ago, and the nose of his board is now free of any logos. That a surfer can be this good and lack a major sponsor is a testament to how tough the economic climate in the surf industry is right now. Watching him expertly thread through crystal blue barrels brings back memories of the times when big companies would pay handsomely for elite free-surfers like Clay to simply do what they loved all day every day. Let’s hope those days return, so we can enjoy beautiful surfing like this more often.

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