Checkout¿Pat Gudauskas

Name: Patrick GudauskasAge: 15Height: 5’9″Weight: 130 lbs.Hometown: San Clemente, CaliforniaSponsors: O’Neill, Arnette, Ocean Minded, Channel Islands, Jack’s

The original plan was to try to get checkouts on all three of the Gudauskas brothers (Tanner, Pat, and Dane) at the same time. However, since Pat was the first one we received a photo of, he’ll get his first.You see, Patrick’s part of a master plan by his parents to reproduce and clone some of the world’s best surfers under the last name Gudauskas. They began with Patrick and his twin, Dane, and followed up with Tanner. Their plan came into fruition at the recent NSSA Nationals where, in a very tough field, he took a title in the Open Juniors division and used the trophy as a toothpick during dinner.Patrick’s another super-progressive San Clemente High surfer who, along with his brothers, will one day tag-team the Malloys in some sort of WrestleMania. The kid’s surfing gets better all the time, so look out for him and remember the master plan.¿A.C.