Checking In With The Hawaii Surf Team

Kalani David

Kalani David and Hawaii Surf Team coach Rainos Hayes. Photo: JJ

Checking In With The Hawaii Surf Team At The NSSA Nationals

Fresh off their win at the World Junior Championships in Panama, the ambassadors of aloha that make up the Hawaii Surf Team, are all hungry for more victory this week at the NSSA National Championships in Huntington. We caught up with coach Rainos Hayes and some of the team in between their heats in HB to chat with them about the vibe of the team.--Jason Jackson

“The support of the team helps tons! There are times when your still surfing against your team mates, but even then your still getting their support! The team has made me smarter and given me plenty life lessons.”--Kalani David

Dax McGill

Dax McGill from the Hawaii Surf Team. Photo: JJ

“The teams like family! Sometimes you go into contest or new places not knowing anybody, but with the team, you have people backing you and cheering for you every heat!”--Dax McGill

“The team keeps me young and involved…it keeps me relevant [laughs] This kind of support, coaching, and mentoring, wasn't available to me when I was young, its my chance to give back…and that's the whole idea! I enjoy giving guidance in a sport that can be very confusing at times, in and out of the water!”--Rainos Hayes