Check Out – Micky Picon

Name: Micky Picon
Age: 21[IMAGE 1]

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 155
Hometown: Capbreton, France
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Globe, Nixon, Q-Stix

Favorite French dessert: Flambe le crepe
Favorite American food: French fries

Have you ever heard the term “Local Hero?” It’s someone who’s a hero to everyone in the town where they live. In Micky Picon’s case, he’s more than just a local hero¿he’s a national hero. Last year when he blazed through the trials as a wild card in the French leg of the tour, Micky had as much as a [IMAGE 2]following as Slater¿girls were screaming and dudes were streaking on the beach with his name written on their asses. He surfs super-smooth, and can take down big names in big heats. Watch for Micky in the future, the Euro charge is on!¿C.C