There isn’t much Brad Domke can’t do on a skimboard. He’s ridden big Teahupoo on one and even bigger Puerto Escondido.

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He’s been in Indonesia as of late filming for a new skimboarding movie “Skimdonesia.” He released the trailer last week and it features a jazzy little edit that has us excited to see what he’s got in store for the new flick.

Skimboarding movies aren’t anything new (check out “Bearded”, “Stimulus”, “Sterno” and others for an introduction to the skim movie world), but when the world’s most famous skimboarder makes a new one, it’s worth paying attention to. Especially when that man has put skimboarding onto a new world stage with his riding some of the biggest waves in the world on them.

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Digging through the Skimdonesia Instagram account, you’ll find a photo of Domke skimboarding Padang Padang in Bali. To our knowledge, and to the claim of Domke and others, he is the first known person to surf Padang on a skimboard.

This is merely just one thing we can expect to see in “Skimdonesia.” Follow @skimdonesia_official for updates, as a release date has not been announced yet.