Billabong Rio Pro runs 2 rounds of female on female action

3 am is possibly the worst time to attempt waking up at. Its just barely too late to stay up all night, and way to early to be just part of your day. I made this realization this morning at 3 am, which is the first call for the Billabong Pro Rio, as we are 4 hours behind our South American friends.

After an anxious hour of delayed calls, the decision was made to run a few women’s heats, and monitor conditions to possibly send the men out in. The waves actually looked quite fun, with aqua blue lines sputtering down a right hand sand bank.

After a couple hours of girl-on-girl, the conditions had showed no signs of vast improvement and the call was made to postpone the mens and run through round 2 of the ladies. The usual performers put in standout performances. Carissa Moore, Steph Gilmore, Tyler Wright, and Sally Fitzgibbons, who are locked in a tight title race, all won their round one heats, advancing directly into round 3.

My personal pick for the women’s world title, Alana Blanchard, secured her best result of the season by winning a heat today. Alana put together a good performance in round 2, weaving her little bikini all the way to the beach for a convincing victory over the struggling Jesse Miley-Dyer. I predict her world title campaign is starting right now.

In other good news for my attention span, the also beautiful Laura Enever advanced in her round 2 heat today, beating Claire Bevilacqua, despite Bevo showcasing the most violent wipeout of the contest thus far. She attempted a high speed floater on a big dumpy section but forgot her board somewhere around the lip area, sending her carwheeling face first into oblivion.

To be honest I usually don’t find myself riveted by the ladies surfing, but with wipeouts like that, a legit titile race, hot girls making heats, hot Brazilians on the beach, and everyones half naked cuz its Brazil, this might be the best women’s comp ever so far.

Next call will be made at 7 am in Brazil, 3 am if you are unfortunate enough to be on the stupid west coast.
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