Big heats coming up at Sunset

Not a big decision to make this morning for Randy Rarick. After dusting the arduous rounds 1 and 2 in big tricky Sunset over the last two days, the swell has eased for the time being.

Lay day it is.

The forecast is looking stellar, with a new long period NW groundswell filling in throughout the day tomorrow which could have competition underway by mid-day. Thursday is looking bigger, with stronger trade winds to match. Friday sees a slight decrease in swell, and much smoother conditions.

With good waves on the way, let’s turn our attention to the matchups, shall we?

Round 3 is the last of the three seeded rounds, where the top seeds are placed, 2 per heat. Lots of big world tour names taking on underrated Hawaiians. This being Hawaii, and specifically Sunset, the playing field has become very very even.

Hawaiian youngster Zeke Lau will take on Jordy Smith in heat 1. Lau has been on a tear lately, making his first WQS push this year. Last week in Haleiwa he miss making his round 4 heat by less than a point after nabbing a near-buzzer beater. The cameras were glued to him as the score was read and he smashed his board against a tree. This kid has the ability, the talent, and the temper to be our next Sunny Garcia.

As you gaze down the draw you’ll notice some more big names matched up against some deadly ones. Evan Valiere, Jamie O’brien, Kekoa Bacalso, Pancho Sullivan, Ola Eleogram, Kalani Chapman, Ian Walsh, the list goes on. Names you usually only hear during the holidays, and in conditions like what’s forecasted, world rankings become amazingly insignificant.

Also, the last heat of the day features Dane Reynolds up against Julian Wilson. (plus Hank Gaskell, yet another underrated and deadly Hawaiian)

Heat 1:
Jordy Smith
Ezekiel Lau
Vincent Duvignac
Heath Joske

Heat 2:
Brett Simpson
Adam Melling
Evan Valiere
Junior Faria

Heat 3:
Taylor Knox
Dusty Payne
Brent Dorrington
Jamie O’Brien

Heat 4:
Josh Kerr
Tanner Gudauskas
Wiggolly Dantas
Jesse Mendes

Heat 5:
Michel Bourez
Travis Logie
Kekoa Bacalso
Torrey Meister

Heat 6:
Miguel Pupo
Kai Otton
Daniel Ross
Evan Geiselman

Heat 7:
Kieren Perrow
Tiago Pires
Pancho Sullivan
Nat Young

Heat 8:
Taj Burrow
Kalani Chapman
Davey Cathels
Olamana Eleogram

Heat 9:
Adriano de Souza
Dane Gudauskas
Dale Staples
Tonino Benson

Heat 10:
Kolohe Andino
Jadson Andre
Ian Walsh
Joel Centeio

Heat 11:
Damien Hobgood
Willian Cardoso
Lincoln Taylor
Gabe Kling

Heat 12:
Adrian Buchan
CJ Hobgood
Adrien Toyon
Keanu Asing

Heat 13:
Thiago Camarao
Chris Davidson
Glenn Hall
Mitchel Coleborn

Heat 14:
Raoni Monteiro
Fredrick Patacchia
Sunny Garcia
Shaun Joubert

Heat 15:
John John Florence
Matt Wilkinson
Ian Gentil
Mason Ho

Heat 16:
Julian Wilson
Hank Gaskell
Tomas Hermes
Dane Reynolds