On Sunday, June 24, the Surf Open League (SOL) hosted the 2018 Puerto Escondido Cup. After the WSL did not list Puerto as one of their tour stops this year, SOL partnered with Gary Linden and Shannon Quirk from WSL to host Latin America’s first-ever big wave contest for women.

Here is the link in case you missed the action:

Puerto Escondido is known as one of the heaviest beach breaks in the world and as the tide got higher, the waves got bigger. Mixed with closeouts and offshore winds, the 2018 Puerto Cup prevailed as one of the heaviest women’s surfing competitions of all time.

Everyone got their fair share of wipeouts, but Polly Ralda got it the worst. After getting tossed over the falls and getting stuck on the inside during a 3-wave set, Ralda was rescued by the ski team and was carried out on a stretcher. Luckily, it was “only” a knee injury and she will be okay.

Big wave surfers are true warriors and Quirk, Linden, SOL, and the rest of the surfing community hope that the 2018 Puerto Escondido Cup triggers a domino effect for women’s big wave surfing.



1. Bianca Valenti
2. Isabelle Leonhardt
3. Keala Kennelly
4. Raquel Heckert
5. Emi Erickson
6. Polly Ralda


1. Lucas Chianca
2. Jimel Corzo
3. Angelo Lozano
4. Sasha Donnanno
5. Jafet Ramos
6. Jojo Roper

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