This year, with the World Surf League opting out of running a Championship Tour event at Lower Trestles in Southern California, the opportunity for a new act to take over the coveted California State Park permit came into play. And The Relik World Longboard Tour swooped on it. Now, a collection of the best longboarders in the world are set to score epic Lowers with an official waiting period from Sept. 9-19.

The famous stretch of beach, with Lowers as the main stage. Photo: Tom Cozad

“It’s all about timing. When the WSL decided to walk away from Lowers and redirect the CT to their newly purchased wave pool we were all caught by surprise. We then learned that State Parks needed to fill the September slot and try to recoup the lost permit fees, so we stepped up,” Relik’s Brigitte D’Annibale tells ASN. “We are thrilled to provide the longboard competitive surfer’s with a long overdue opportunity to surf this iconic break.”

Fifty longboarders from around the world have been invited to come compete at the famed cobblestone point. Surfers from the U.S., Australia, Europe, South Africa and Japan will all be in attendance.

Some of the more recognizable surfers on the invitee list include Al Knost, Taylor Jenson, Tommy Witt and Honolua Blomfield. A number of local surfers are entered into the contest as well, including Corey Colapinto, Tyler Warren, Karina Rozunko, Tory Gilkerson, and Rachael Tilly.

One of the standout invitees Karina Rozunko … style and grace for days. Photo: Luki O’Keefe

And did we mention this juicy detail? The forecast is already for calling for head-high to well-overhead for the entire duration of the contest period.

“We expect dynamic performances across the board. Lowers is regarded as a ‘high performance’ shortboard wave, but it’s undeniable that it’s just perfect a wave for any board,” continues D’Annibale. “We’ve seen traditional longboards ridden at places like Pipeline and they have shown us that longboarding is just another approach to riding any type of wave.”

The Relik contest at Lowers with carry a $150,000 prize purse and be the second (and final) stop of this year’s Longboard World Tour. The first stop went off at Malibu in June.

“I really think peoples’ minds are going to be blown by what these surfers can do with this quality of wave and the incredible forecast we have on the charts,” D’Annibale tells ASN.

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