Behind The (Album) Cover With ‘The Rapture’
In The Grace of Your Love

The Rapture is a Brooklyn based band more known for being one of the forefathers of punchy, catchy, indie-rock, electro, disco funk music. Did that make sense? Anyway, you probably know who the rapture is, if you don't HERE are a few of the band's hits.

Also, if you're an OG TransWorld SURF fan, you may remember this song by The Rapture playing over and over on various levels of the TransWorld SURF Video Game.

I met Vito Roccoforte, the drummer for The Rapture backstage at The Belly Up (bellyup.com) for a quick chat about the band's San Diego roots, and to find out the story behind the cover photo for the new album, In The Grace of Your Love.—Chris Cote

TransWorld SURF: Tell us a quick history of The Rapture

Vito Roccoforte: We grew up in La Mesa, just outside San Diego. Our group of friends were just music fanatics. We grew up listening to bands like Rocket From The Crypt, and all the hardcore stuff on Gravity Records. We actually used to stand outside The Casbah before we were 21—the door guy, Ben, would crack the door so we could hear better. We started a band when we were about 18 and made a few moves around the country and eventually ended up in Brooklyn.

Tell us the significance of the surfer on the cover of the new album.

The surfer is actually Luke, the singer's dad surfing on Pacific Beach. I think he was 14 or 15 at the time. Luke's dad had showed him that picture not too long ago, and when we came up with the name of the album, In The Grace Of Your Love—the photo just seemed to go along with it perfect. A lot of people think this is a stock photo, but it really is his dad *Steve Jenner, he's actually gonna be at the show tonight.

Did you come up with the image or the title first?

The title. The image itself looks like the total state of grace, a state of total calm and he's doing something really difficult—hanging ten, but very relaxed. It all crosses over from sports to music, being in the zone or whatever. Time slows down when you're doing something you love and you're in that moment, that's why the image perfectly sums up the title of the album. His face really sums up what the album is about.

On an unrelated note, did you ever hear your song in the TransWorld SURF game?

Yeah for sure! I still have it.

Check out The Rapture's new album on ITunes

*Steve Jenner is a 50-year member of the Wind 'n Sea club and is currently a professor at Cal State Dominguez Hills. At the time the photo was taken, he was a G&S team rider. The photo was shot at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. And in more surf related news, Vito's cousins are both members of the Granite Hills High School surf team, check them out at www.ghhssurf.com