Assisted Living By Julian Martin

I know, who the hell is Julian Martin? Well, Julian is former TransWorld SURF intern who (like most of our former interns) has gone on to bigger and better things. He came in an eager beaver from New Jersey and we put his ass to work. Surfers liked to film with him and despite his Brazilian like hassling, he was fun to surf with at lunch. After a while we’d see his videos pop up on Surfline and give him an earful for doing Surfline shit while at the TW office (“I gotta get paid for something!”), but we liked him and beautiful women seemed to as well so we kept him around. Soon enough he was too big time for little old TransWorld SURF and he hit the road with Dean “Dingo” Morrison.

The rest, they say, is history. Kid has gone on and done some awesome projects like shooting a bunch of hot models, doing strike missions to Jaws, and working on the Flight To The Flats project with Chippa Wilson. The video above is what he did in 2013 and it pretty much shits on my ’13. Good on ya Julian, now go get us some beer like the old days!—JC

Chippa Wilson

Chippa Wilson in Julian Martin’s ‘Assisted Living’