Arnette Cash Pot Series: Blackies Highlights

Bobby Okvist
Brandon Roberts
Bryce Marino
Chuck Rigano
Colin Moran
Cory Arrambide
Cory Arrambide
Doug Van Mierlo
Griffin Foy
Griffin Foy
Griffin Foy
Hunter Lysaught
Jack Boyes
Jeremy Carter
Josh Sleigh
Kevin Shultz
Kevin Shultz
Matt Pagan
Meah Collins
Arnette Cash Pot Series

Arnette Cash Pot Series: Blackies Highlights

The second stop of the Arnette Cash Pot Surf Series went down Sunday, March 3rd at Blackies in Newport Beach. The surfers made the most of the 1-2 foot conditions and the competition in the water was animated with high scores and small turns from the groms and pros. The 16 and Under division final was the heat of the day with Griffin Foy just beating Jay Christiansen for the last $250 to be awarded to the groms.

In the pro finals it came down to quality wave selection as Cory Arrambide only caught two waves but made the most of them and put $500 in his pocket. The Cash Pot heads to Hawaii in July before hitting the east coast at the end of the summer.

Cory Arrambide

Cory Arrambide hoists the Arnette Cash Pot series stop #2 winners check at Blackies in Newport Beach. Photo: Foster

1. Griffin Foy
2. Jay Christiansen
3. Tyler Gunter
4. Lucas Taub

1. Cory Arrambide
2. Kevin Shultz
3. Doug Van Mierlo
4. Brandon Roberts