A little over a week after pro surfer Alex Gray took to Instagram to detail how American Airlines completely destroyed four of his surfboards on a flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles, American Airlines has agreed to reimburse him for all damages:

“#Americanairlines has replied, and I give them two thumbs up! @americanair will reimburse ALL damaged @cisurfboards and the @onamission bag,” Gray captioned the above Instagram post Sunday. “They are also returning the excess baggage fee. The airlines was apologetic while acknowledging their negligence, and agrees the boards were most likely run over.”

“I’d like to commend AA for handling this situation appropriately. Most of all I’d like to thank all of YOU for your engagement,” Gray continued. “It’s amazing to see the positive side of social media bring like-minded people together in stance of a fair result.”

As a refresher, prior to his latest Instagram post, Gray hadn’t heard back from American Airlines in regards to his complaints until GrindTV ran a story on the incident:

The first response from #americanairlines thanks to @grindtv. It's from an email address [email protected] which is not an email given to the passenger to respond to within American Airlines damaged baggage claim protocol. Now, to the best of my knowledge, I have NOT received any direct contact from @americanair via phone, email, mail, or social media. American Airlines has all of this information of mine. Thank you American Airlines for saying sorry to the media about my surfboards, but I personally am still waiting for a response from you. In short, NO I have still not heard from American regarding my broken surfboards claim. I also believe my followers are still waiting for responses to over 2,000 comments they've left on your Instagram. We see you are doing new posts, but not responding to this issue #americanairlinesbreakssurfboards. We the surf community are trying our best to wait patiently for your answer to my board destruction, and your overall excess baggage policy review. Again that email address is [email protected] if any of you would like to write them. Thanks again to all who are covering this story and also responding with your personal stories of surfboard destruction. It's time for a change!

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