At the end of November, a call to arms was sounded for surfers everywhere. Surfing’s leading historian, Matt Warshaw, and his Encyclopedia of Surfing (EOS) were on the brink of being chewed up in the digital ether. Simply put: Surfing’s historian and his noble undertaking needed saving.

So he launched a December fundraiser to pull together $30,000, or else the EOS would go belly-up. And it only took two weeks for surfers all over the world to respond in unison that yes Matt, we appreciate what you do and want you to be able continuing to do it.

As Warshaw himself said in a post on Facebook announcing the successful funding of EOS, “You guys did it. My deepest gratitude to everybody who contributed. Thanks to you I get to continue building these sites, preserving our history, celebrating this beautiful and confounding time-suck known as surfing. Family aside, EOS is the joy of my life.”

Water typically has a way of finding its level, and this was certainly no different. Warshaw asked for help, and the surfing world responded. It’s a good day to be a surfer. Make sure to check out Warshaw’s projects EOS, History of Surfing and Above the Roar.

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