Iconic big-wave spot in Portugal, Nazaré has been lighting up this week, and has been so big it even broke the back of British big-wave surfer Andrew Cotton (he’ll make a full recovery and is in stable condition in the hospital).

There was also a crew of surfers who decided to push the limits of what’s possible at Nazaré. The #TsunamiCrew (as they call themselves) decided to catch some bombs at Nazaré on all sorts of inflatable water toys, including that oversized standup paddleboard known as the SUPsquatch.

The crew, consisting of big-wave surfers Lucas Chianca, Felipe Cesarano, Kalani Lattanzi, Pato Teixeira and others took to the heavy waters of Nazaré with their oversized vehicles and did some truly crazy things.

As Chianca told GrindTV, “We have a lot of crazy friends. One of them, Felipe Cesarano, likes to challenge us. He proposed the challenge [of riding the SUPsquatch at Nazaré] and we accepted!”

Chianca also said that apart from a wipeout and some lost paddles, there were no problems throughout the endeavor.

Chianca also said, “[The experience] was incredible! Surfing with all my friends in a huge ocean! Totally ready for the next challenge!”

Perhaps we’ll be seeing more of the SUPsquatch challenge during big swells this winter? We’ll have to wait and see.

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