Surfing Santa world record surf lesson

The Guinness World Record setting surf lesson was organized to raise awareness for mental health issues. Photo: Dominic Loneragan

A pack of 320 surfers in Australia showed off their Christmas spirit by dressing up as Santa and setting the Guinness World Record for the biggest surf lesson ever.

The event was held at Sydney’s world-famous Bondi Beach and organized by the online retailer RedBalloon and the Let’s Go Surfing surf school in Bondi. It brought the 320 Santas together for a 30-minute surf lesson, besting the previous Guinness World record of 250 people.

Surfing Santa world record surf lesson

Some Santas struggled with standing up in the world’s largest surf lesson. Photo: Dominic Loneragan

Surfing Santa world record surf lesson

While reindeer are well and good, sometimes the best way to spread holiday cheer is on a surfboard. Photo: Dominic Loneragan

And the holiday cheer wasn’t just contained to the water; the surfers were working to raise $2,500 for OneWave, a nonprofit surfing organization that raises awareness for mental health issues.

“We’re giving people routine and purpose which is key in someone’s mental health recovery, and also engaging them in an activity that is quintessentially Australian,” OneWave spokesperson and mental health therapist, Joel Pilgrim told the BBC about his organization’s goal.

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