3 Voices From 3 Different Generations Of Women's Surfing

Lisa Andersen, Keala Kennelly, and Lakey Peterson share insight into the world of women's surfing and answer some hard hitting questions…

TransWorld SURF: What's the funniest or worst swimsuit malfunction you've ever had?

Keala Kennelly: I was surfing this nuts wave on Kauai and got lip launched and went directly through the deck of my board. My leash came off, my board was broken, and my board shorts and bathing suit got ripped off. I had to come in with each piece of my board covering my junk.

Lakey Peterson: Every time I duck dive it always comes down, and it happens to everyone. It's so annoying.

Lisa Andersen: We were shooting Macaroni's and it's a lefthander and I was going backside. The photographer said that everything was hanging out of my top.

Lakey Peterson. Photo: Kenworthy/Nike

Lakey Peterson. Photo: Kenworthy/Nike

Do you think the top woman could win a Men's WQS 4-star?

Keala Kennelly: I think that the extra pressure to not get beat by a girl might be enough to make the boys always win.

Lakey Peterson: I think it would be tough, but anything is possible.

Lisa Andersen: No, they're not good enough.

4-Time ASP World Champion Lisa Andersen. Photo: Sevais/A-Frame

4-Time ASP World Champion Lisa Andersen. Photo: Servais/A-Frame

Is having a girl compete in a men's event good or bad for women's surfing?

Keala Kennelly: I used to compete against the boys when I was a little kid and I used to beat some of those guys so that worked well for me.

Lakey Peterson: I think it would be kind of a good thing.

Lisa Andersen: I know it benefits the girl surfer because it's a lot more challenging and probably raises their level, but it's humiliating for the guy that loses against the girl. Look at it the other way, if a guy surfs in the women's events, would that be fair? Probably not.

What's the dumbest and/or funniest thing a guy has ever said to you in the water?

Keala Kennelly: Guys always come up to me in the water and have these stories about how I've dropped in on them—and I've never burned anybody! They're like, "You dropped in on me at Rocky Rights and got barreled and I fully got barreled behind you, that was sick!"

Lisa Andersen: Bad things like. "Bitch!" or "Go home!" or being called the C word. I've had some pretty bad things said to me, all because they're just crummy people out there that don't like to see girls catch good waves.

Have you ever used your body to distract a guy in the lineup in order to get a wave?

Keala Kennelly: I don't think I could use my body to do that—I look like a 12-year-old boy!

Lisa Andersen: No because I don't wear skimpy stuff. I'm always in a wetsuit and wetsuits aren't sexy!

Keala Kennelly. Photo: McCaig

Keala Kennelly. Photo: McCaig

How do You Tube videos of the top girls dancing around pillow fighting and stuff affect the sport?

Keala Kennelly: I don't think that's necessary to get attention but as long as they're having fun and not hurting anybody who cares?

Lakey Peterson: I almost think that it helps the sport. I saw the video of all the girls dancing and you know how many guys probably clicked on that? It probably got so many views and more people probably know about surfing because of that. But at the same time we all want to set good examples and we don't want it to seem like we're going to show our bodies to everyone. There's a boundary and fine line between having fun and going too far.

Lisa Andersen: These days all that media is super popular and a way to market yourself and get exposure, so more power to them. I think it's and they're having fun.

Do you ever worry about surfing sharky areas while you're on your period?

Keala Kennelly: It's always kind of in the back of your mind, but you know they make good tampons these days. They have like curls and wings and flaps and all kinds of shit.

Lakey Peterson: [Laughs] People worry about it, but I don't know, I guess we just try not to think about it. But if it's a really sharky, place than it's kind of dumb.

Lisa Andersen: [Laughs] Oh my God. I normally don't go near the water during that time…it's movie time for me.

Who's going to be the next girl to pose for Playboy?

Keala Kennelly: Wow. Maybe Anastasia Ashley?

Lakey Peterson: [Laughs] Oh my god. No comment. I don't know.

Lisa Andersen: The first person that comes to mind would be Alana Blanchard.

Is it hard to surf with boobs?

Keala Kennelly: A little bit, but my tits grew sideways to accommodate my surfboard.

Lakey Peterson: No.

Lisa Andersen: I don't think it affects my surfing in any way, shape, or form. It's just part of the package.