Not every surf adventure is perfect. In fact, most are flawed. But that's what makes them memorable as South African surfers Slade Prestwich, Frank Solomon and Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker found out when the trio set out on an adventure to Africa’s most isolated country in Red Bull’s latest documentary, Exploring Madagascar.

Madagascar is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southeast Africa. Its southern region is where the surf breaks are more well known. But the road traveled to get to them is downright dangerous: Pathless jungles, croc-infested rivers and uncharted reefs are but a few obstacles standing in the way.

Nonetheless, the area gets visitors because as most adventure-seekers already understand, the more challenging the feat, the sweeter the reward.

Grant 'Twiggy' Baker gets tubed. Photo: Alan van Gysen/Red Bull

Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker gets tubed. Photo: Alan van Gysen/Red Bull

"This is as real as it gets … In the 21st century, most people are doing swell chases and there is very limited pure discovery missions still on the go. I've also been guilty of that the past 10 years -- it's a lot easier to chase a swell. But, I'm changing my tactics," Twiggy told Red Bull. "We had no idea what the reefs or the surf [were] like before we went. I don't believe that there have been surfers there before. There may have been the odd yachtie who came past and gave one of the reefs a go, but I can't see that guys have surfed there constantly."

For more Exploring Madagascar, check out the recently released video with lensman Alan Van Gysen, who details some behind-the-scenes magic.

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