2nd Annual
Shortboard Invitational Surf Contest
Historical First Point, Malibu, CA.
September 27th & 28th, 7 a.m

-Blending Generations Of Surfing To Save A Life-
-Benefiting Young Point Dume Surfer Lyon Herron-
-Partnering With Oceana—Protecting Our World’s Oceans-

Presented by:
Freedom Artists, Val Surf, Sicky Dicky, BrosList.com, Dukes Malibu, Malibu Magazine, and Chateau Ste Michelle Wine Estates.

Sponsored by:
DVS, Matix, Volcom, RVCA, Quiksilver, Hurley, Lost, DC, Vestal, O’neill, Ransenberg Financial and Insurance Services, ZJ’s Boarding House, Santa Monica Surf Shop, Becker, Momentum Surf Company, and Revolution Surf Shop.
*Lunch Provided To Contestants, Sponsors, and Staff by Tony T’s Winner’s NY Pizza (Saturday) and Ola’s Mexican Grill (Sunday).
*Pro/Am Invite Shortboard Surf Contest
*Malibu Legends Shortboard Surf Contest
*Grom Shortboard Surf Contest (15 and Under)
*Operation Amped and Childern with Special Needs Free Surf Saturday the 27th (Hosted by Jimmy Gamboa and Ryan Conder)
*Celebrity Free Surf Sunday the 28th (Hosted by Oceana)

Confirmed “Pro” Surfers 2008:
Jesse Faen, Brendan Hearne, Micah Byrne (Matix), Dan Fowler, Anthony Petruso (Matix), Alex Gray (volcom), Killian Garland (volcom), Nate Tyler (volcom), Spencer Regan, Strider Wasilewski (Quiksilver), Quinn McCrystal (Quiksilver), Chris Darrah, Dillon Perillo (Hurley), Pascal Stansfield, Michael Schwimer, Chaz Chidester, Louis Tesoro, Reef McIntosh (Quiksilver), Frank Tesoro, Ryan Simmons (Lost), Yves Bright, Cory Pierce, Colin Giles, Chris Brown, Justin Swartz, Josh Curran, Ted Navarro, Jordan Tappis, Chance Lawson, Michael Bailey, Shayne Nelson, Danny Fuller (Quiksilver), Kalani Robb (Hurley), Russell Smith (RVCA), Jarrah Tutton (RVCA), Alex Knost (RVCA), Micah Pitts (O’neill) Jesse Colombo (O’neill), Kieran Horn (O’neill), Warren Metcalfe, Danny Estes, Evan Mendelson, Noah Erickson, Ellis Erickson, Kamalei Alexander, Brad Gerlach, Tuffer, and Chad Wells.

Confirmed “Malibu Legends” Surfers 2008:
Allen Sarlo, Dale Rhodes, Lee Westfall, Dave White, Ricky Schaffer, Andy Lyon, Donald Day, Steven Lippman, Danny Klein, David Carter, Joey Jenkins, Donnie Wilson, Jay Riddle, Mike Marcellino, Mark Richards, John LaLane, Mike Lamm, Scott Daly, Bud Donatoni, Carlos Del Olmo, Tom Daniels, Sebastian Franklin, Tony Zapatta, John Baker, Christian Anderson, and Mitch Taylor.

Confirmed “Groms” Surfers 2008:
Ashton Malkin, Riley Garrison, Curren Caples, Jonah Pierce, Taylor Curran, Hugh Brown, Dane McCrystal, Kelly Zaun, Colton Sarlo, Cooper McDonald, Jimbo Borland, Patrick Wetton, Barron Hilton, Kerns Chirchil, Skylar Lawson, Ben Holmes, Frankie Harrer, Shane Borland, and Thelen McKenna-Worrell.

Click here to check out last year themalibuinvitational.com/mi2007.html

September 27th and 28th, 2008 (Malibu, CA) Pascal Stansfield and Patrick Jensen of Freedom Artists, Skylar Peak and John Hildebrand of Sicky Dicky Productions, Seumas Santoro of Podium Distribution, Jordan Tappis of Bros List.com, Jason Rouse of Malibu Magazine, Steven Lippman of Steven Lippman Print + Film Inc., Alex Winston and Maggie Hardy of Oceana, Josh Morgan of Duke’s Malibu, Brian Rogers of Chateau Michelle, and myself Brandon Richards along with Chris Duffy, Blake Richards, and Doug Anderson of Val Surf present “The 2nd Annual Malibu Invitational” to benefit young Point Dume Surfer Lyon Herron beat his fight with Gardner’s Syndrome.

Lyon was first diagnosed with Gardner’s Syndrome when he was 6 years young and has been fighting this disease for the past 12 years. Lyon is a Viking, has a heart of Gold, and is always smiling happy! He loves the ocean, he loves to surf and skate, and he truly loves his life. Lyon has shown me strength and inspiration, and more importantly reminded everyone whom he has touched to appreciate every minute of everyday. We love you Lyon!
Please View The Lyon Heart Documentary to Learn More About Lyon and His Story @ vimeo.com/904313. “Malibu is the birthplace of modern day ‘hotdog’ or high performance surfing. It was great to see a short board event held at Malibu. The vibe was community, I was surfing with my good friends from the ‘Val’ , Point Dume , and The ‘Bu’ and we were all joined in unity for a common and wonderful cause to help support, motivate, and honor a young surfer. In this celebration of performance surfing we are all winners. My praise and Gods blessings goes out to Lyon in his speedy recovery.” — 2007 Defending “Malibu Legend” Champion,  Allen Sarlo