You may remember Niccolo Porcella as the big-wave surfer who suffered one of the heaviest wipeouts ever at Teahupoo back in July, 2015, a spill that ultimately won him the Worst Wipeout award at the 2015 SURFER Poll Awards.

Now, it seems that Porcella is off to a hot start in his race to defend his title in 2016.

A video emerged of Porcella taking a massive spill Monday at Jaws in Hawaii, but this time while kitesurfing.

“It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen! I should have released the kite and pulled in. The kite lines were already getting caught in the waves and pulled the kite down,” Porcella told Surfer Today.

“I thought at that point: ‘send it and maybe make it over! Otherwise, I’m going to pull in and get lipped anyway’.”

Despite his attempt to send himself clear of the wave, he ended up launching himself headfirst into its lip before being swallowed up in whitewash.

Porcella’s latest wipeout already has everyone from Shane Dorian to Kai Lenny talking:

Porcella ended up walking away from the incident unscathed, taking to Instagram to let everyone know he was just fine.

“I’m all good guys, and I’m happy we are all getting a kick out of this,” he wrote. “I’ll admit, it was something else.”

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