18th Annual Shane Dorian Keiki Classic Highlights

Kona, Hawaii
January 19, 2013

The Event: Fifty kids 17-and under can enter for free with 2.25 GPA on their latest report card and 3 cans of food to donate to the local food bank. The waves were so big we had to move it for the first time ever—our back up spot was Lymans, a left point that was maxing with sets 10ft on the face. Pros that came to hang with the groms and support the event: Ezekiel Lau, Torrey Meister, Matt Meola, Kelly Slater, Keanu Asing, and CJ Kanuha

Keiki Classic 2013 final results
Girls 13 & under
1st Kiana Briggs
2nd Mehana Resetnikov
3rd Keelie Carlucci
4th Chloe Smith
5th Kona Resetnikov

Jr Girls 14-17
1st Kahanu
2nd Manu Napeahi
3rd Cayla Moore
4th Ana Tuppien

Boys 13 & Under
1st Kaunaloa Ng
2nd Brodi Sale
3rd Reed Tanoai
4th Noa East

Jr Boys 14-17
1st Charlie Akao
2nd Ulu Napeahi
3rd Shayden DeLa Cruz
4th Austin Gibson

Monster Award winners (free airfare to compete at NSSA Nationals)
Kahanu Delovio
Loa Ng