11 Recent Must See Surf Movies


Here’s 10 of the best surf movies to come across our desks recently. The majority of these films are also available for download on transworldsurf.com right here. All reviews by Chris Cote and Ryan Brower. Head to page two to see the next five reviews.

A Pleasant Surprise



I saw this movie at the world premiere and was pretty impressed. The film is the product and labor of two longtime friends who have the eyes, ears, and touch of creativity: Kyle Pahlow and Nick Zegel. Shot entirely in 16mm in New Jersey, this film definitely transcends the Garden State borders. The story is one that every surfer, New Jersey surfers more so, can relate to. We've all surfed clean waist-to-chest-high surf, and sometimes that surf can be the most fun. But don't be fooled either, there are your classic Jersey bombs on those freezing winter days as well. Pair that with an incredible soundtrack that seems to make the tale flow even more, and it's evident that Pahlow's and Zegel's hard work has paid off. Do yourself a favor and check out the best surf movie to ever come out of the Garden State.

The Cove



Every year from September to March, upwards of 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in a hidden cove in the village of Taiji, Japan. The Cove documents the secret ops mission of a dedicated group of activists "illegally" capturing the actual brutal killings on video and exposing this tragedy to the world. Check out this call-to-arms and do your part to help end the unnecessary killing and exploitation of dolphins. Head to takepart.com/thecove to get involved.

Runman Trilogy XXX


All the movies I watched as a preteen are burned onto my brain, but no video affected my soul as much as the Runman videos. I probably shouldn't have watched Runman 69 every single day of my life as I think it may have caused some of my current issues. These grimy, gritty, hilarious, heinous, and life-changing films set the precedent for cinematic butt-making. Now, for the first time ever, you can get all three on DVD. I can't even begin to express my concern for any surfer who has not seen a Runman film--may God save your pathetic soul. Go to runmanfilms.com to order this must-have film set.

What Really Went Wrong?



Everyone's got a favorite ...Lost movie. Those formative films from the 90s were forerunners in their day on many different levels--the fish revolution, the airs, and jackassing around. They kept alive the rebellion that is at the heart of surfing. But I could care less about your favorite ...Lost movie.

And that is why ...Lost's newest flick, What Really Went Wrong, bases their looking back at the best of those first seven films through the eyes of the best surfers in the world--not to mention all the unreleased hellbent bonus footy they include.

What Really Went Wrong harkens days of youth and is relatable to the everyday surfer in this modern day of backflips and high-flying collectives. And of course it'll leave you wanting to go surf and rip the shit out of any and every wave in sight. So sit down with a few bros, bong some beers, and get into antics yourself. Head to …Lost’s website to pick up a copy.

Gum For My Boat

Wuss Productions


This beautiful film that focuses on the Bangladesh Surf Club is a true story of hope and unbelievable stoke in the face of brutal poverty and harsh living conditions. As you watch street kids being given the gift of surfing in the face of such adversity, there's no way you won't want to stand up and cheer! Anytime you get bummed that your board is getting old or your wetsuit has a hole in it, watch this film and you will be thankful to even have surfing in your life--a must-see. Head to gumformyboat.com to grab yourself a copy.

Modern Collective

Kai Neville/Poor Specimen


It would have been impossible for this flick to live up to the hype piled upon it--it got close, though. I probably don't have much more information about Modern Collective that you haven't already heard so let me just say this--MC will change the way you look at surfing. Filmed in mostly onshore conditions (they call it "air wind"), Dane, Dusty, Yadin, Dion, Jordy, Mitch, and the boys take areal surfing to a new level. The good: The most high-tech surfing you'll ever see, session-based parts, good music. The bad: too many air 360s, too long, repetition. Overall: A must-see. Head to moderncollective.tv to snag a copy.

Wake Up 2

Tiago Garcia


I'm a huge fan of DIY surf flicks, especially ones that have a message. Our friend Tiago Garcia, maker of Wake Up, has just released Wake Up 2, and it's a great watch. Wake Up, meaning, wake the f--k up and try to do something about the environment. Narrated by CJ Hobgood and starring everybody from Damien H, Bobby M, Kerrzy, and the rest of the Top 44, this indie-shred flick is refreshing and old-school--worth checking out for sure. Head to tiagogarcia.net.

100% Surfing Techniques Volume 2



There aren't many learn to surf videos on the market, so when a new one comes out, I always like to check it out. 100% Surfing Techniques Volume 2 is a great example of a learn to surf video done well. There are 20 different sections for both forehand and backhand, and for goofies and regulars. The best part is the sexy British voice that narrates the video and gives you the surf tips. Want to surf better? This video can actually help. Head to here to pick up a copy.

Still Filthy



Two words: Wade Goodall. He pretty much shreds this video to pieces, but the rest of the team doesn't disappoint in any way. Billabong has one of the most dominant teams ever, and this movie clearly illustrates that point. Filthy Habits was made 21 years ago, and its offspring, Still Filthy, holds up to the O.G. version--and yes, Occy is still ripping! Two thumbs up high for this one--you will get psyched to surf after you watch it. Head to Billabong.com for more.

Sounds Of Waves

Monumental Films


Music and surfing have always been good bedfellows, and this movie digs deep into that relationship. Featuring Donavon ripping in El Salvador, Damien Wills charging as hard as anyone on Earth, and so much more--this movie should be in your DVD player today. Sounds Of Waves is an independent gem that has a great vibe and a cool message. Head to monumentalfilms.com for more.

Taylor Knox--Surf Exercises

Ten Stories


Why do you need a DVD of "surf exercises"? I'll tell you why, 'cause you don't surf good enough to think that you don't. Taylor Knox and his trainer Paul Hiniker have put together a program to help you surf better, be more flexible, strengthen your core, and get a body like Taylor's (yes, he's ripped). As much as we want to make fun of this flick, we can't, it actually works and there's no excuse why not to get it and follow the workout--get ripped and go rip. Head to surfexercises.com to get a copy.