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There aren’t many big-wave surfers in the world who are more comfortable being underwater than Mark Healey. Not just a surfer, Healey also excels as a diver, spearfisherman and overall waterman.

All of those pursuits — along with his daily breath work — are comprised of what Healey calls “a practice of confronting discomfort.” It’s a practice he’s committed to because he’s seen the positive impact it has on his life in and out of the water.

The benefits of his practice are obvious to anyone who’s seen him charging 40-foot Jaws or spearfishing deep below the ocean’s surface for minutes at a time. But Healey also credits it with helping him learn how to avoid wasting energy on things he can’t control, and understanding how — in certain situations — you gain control by letting go.

“I don’t think there is actual growth without some discomfort, if you try to avoid it you don’t really grow as a human,” says Healey. Watch the video to learn more.

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