In 2011, Travis Rice helped to forever redefine what is expected of snowboarding films by starring in the groundbreaking film The Art of Flight.

Now, four years after its release, Rice is back, teasing us with a trailer for his new film The Fourth Phase that looks to again push the boundaries of what is possible in backcountry snowboarding:

The trailer, released Tuesday by Red Bull and Brain Farm Cinema, showcases the end result of nearly three years of Rice’s backcountry antics, all of which have been kept tightly under wraps and out of the public’s eye.

"It has taken everything I have learned over my life to prepare for what the past several years have challenged us with. Immersion into the winter wilderness with a few trusted comrades and a vow to not ride anything we have ever ridden before has made this the most exciting project yet," said Rice about the trailer. "We have a team of some of the most committed riders, and a production crew that has gone all in. We're headed back into the field soon, but before we go dark again we wanted to share a taste of what we've been working on."

Travis Rice The Fourth Phase

Travis Rice waves hello from a yet untouched mountain range. Photo: The Fourth Phase

Travis Rice The Fourth Phase

Travis Rice’s newest film took nearly three years to bring to fruition. Photo: The Fourth Phase

And while the imagery of Rice soaring through untouched Alaskan peaks is undoubtedly jaw-dropping, simply finding a way to film his antics was a challenge in its own right according to Brain Farm’s CEO Curt Morgan.

"Making this film has been one of the most challenging, yet gratifying experiences in my life. Our team has pushed deep into the backcountry with new technology in hopes to capture snowboarding in a way it has never been seen before," said Curt Morgan, CEO of Brain Farm and co-director of the film. "From the adventure, to the outstanding athleticism, to the very real story that unfolds this film will undoubtedly be unique."

The Fourth Phase will premiere on Oct. 2, 2016, and more information on the film can be found at

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