TV interview captures skiers being swept up by avalanche

The resort manager seems unfazed as an avalanche engulfs skiers and snowboarders just over his shoulder.

A video has emerged from Turkey showing the harrowing moment that a television interview captured a group of skiers and snowboarders being swept up in an avalanche at a ski resort, and the frenzied efforts of fellow resort patrons to save the lives of those buried:

According to the Daily Mail, the video comes from the Turkish ski resort of Kartepe.

In the video, the resort manager at Kartepe is being interviewed about the heavy snowfall that the resort was experiencing, when the interview takes a bizarre, horrifying turn.

“The heavy snow had much effect,” the Daily Mail reported the manager as saying. “Those who like snow, skiing are coming here.”

Then, the avalanche comes barreling down the mountain. The manager seems unfazed.

“As you see an avalanche comes from higher up. You caught an avalanche on tape,” the manager reportedly said, smiling into the camera. “People are very happy. And we try to host our guests as best as we can do.”

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The manager’s calm demeanor strikes a stark contrast to the mayhem occurring behind him, as resort guests struggle desperately to extricate their fellow skiers and snowboarders from a potentially fatal situation. As the video cuts to the rescue efforts, you can hear patrons wailing as others use skis and poles in an attempt to reach the buried resort goers.

Luckily, the Daily Mail reports that all of the skiers and snowboarders were successfully removed from the avalanche field, and that there were no fatalities in the incident.

Editor’s Note: Although it was reported that this video happened on Dec. 29, it appears that the video is a couple of years old. However it’s recently reemerged and is gaining some more steam, so we just had to share.