Julian Carr is a thoughtful and passionate skier whose ambitious nature has earned him numerous accolades, including a world record for front flipping off a 210-foot cliff in Engelberg, Switzerland; a starring role in more than 10 ski films; numerous magazine covers; and the Freeskiing World Tour’s prized belt buckle. Most recently, Carr and Team Discrete won “Best Photo Portfolio” for their stunning imagery and action shots at the “Eye of the Condor” film and photo contest in La Parva, Chile.

In conjunction with these achievements, Carr is also the founder and director of the wildly popular brand Discrete Headwear. Carr learned about the principles of discrete mathematics in a computer science class at the University of Utah and was so taken with the concepts, he applied them to his company, which has been turning out quality headwear and lifestyle pieces since 2008.

“I’ve followed Julian for a couple years now–I’m constantly impressed by his ability on the mountain, his seemingly fearless nature in the air, and now with Discrete,” said Ben Anderson, founder of Icelantic Skis, which is Carr’s ski sponsor.

Given Carr’s lengthy list of accomplishments and overall fervor for life, we sought to unveil the simplicities that make up this bad-ass professional skier/businessman in this edition of Too Close For Comfort.

What are your hobbies outside of skiing?
Beyond skiing, some of my other interests are ping pong, thinking, writing, creating, basketball, diving boards, camping, trail running, and water ramps.

Before jumping the 210-foot cliff in Engelberg, what were you thinking?
Pure concentration. Meditation. No thinking. All focus. All awareness. All hippie shit.

What drives you to jump from such insane heights?
The connection with nature and the courage to transcend boundaries we all grow up believing in. All boundaries can and get broken tracing back through humanity.

What was the strangest food you’ve eaten abroad?
I once ate bird heart. Yum. Not.

Who inspires you?
Anyone with a smile on their face who knows how to balance fun with responsibility inspires me.

What is your best ski trip abroad and why?
I love to travel. Here are a few locations that stand out: Japan, Chile, British Columbia, Alaska, Europe, Montana.

What is your favorite place to visit in the off-season?
I am addicted to trail running in the off-season, usually on Mt. Olympus in Salt Lake City.

Do you set goals for the season?
When setting goals, I typically set them pretty broad so that I can work towards quite a few tasks that, accomplished, would define the execution of goals.

What’s your favorite trick to stomp while filming?
The “stickman” is my fav trick to do on skis.

What was your worst injury?
My worst injury was a shattered femur. Ouch.

Who do you think has some of the best style in skiing?
Rachael Burks has the best style in skiing and the best laugh.

If you weren’t a pro skier, what do you think you’d be doing?
I’d be a business man, like I am now simultaneously with my ski career: www.discreteheadwear.com.

What turns you on?
Simplicities that are complex turn me on. Like a well-drawn maze.

What accolades did you rack up in the 2011-2012 season?
I landed a film segment in The Ski Channel’s “WINTER” film. I also was part of a Team Spyder segment in Warren Miller. And I had a handful of various published photos/ads/etc. and was part of a few well-watched webisodes.

Who are your sponsors?
Icelantic, Spyder, Discrete, GoPro, Backcountry.com, Smith, Suunto, POW gloves, MFD bindings, and Panda poles.

Check out Julian and Team Discrete in their film from Eye of the Condor 2, and vote for them in the People’s Choice Award here.

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Sony Eye of the Condor 2 Team Discrete from Eye of the Condor on Vimeo.

Photo courtesy Julian Carr.