On Tuesday, USA Today reported that Olympic snowboarder Shaun White reached a settlement with the former drummer of his rock band Bad Things, after she filed a lawsuit against him last year accusing him of sexual harassment and withholding wages from her. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

In May of 2016, Shaun White was sued by Lena Zawaideh who claimed that White was an overly demanding and controlling band member and that at times he withheld pay from her. The lawsuit also stated White “made inappropriate and sexually harassing and suggestive comments” to Zawaideh.

Shaun White lawsuit Shaun White settlement

The settlement of the lawsuit means that White will avoid a court date that was initially set for August. Photo: Courtesy of Phil Ellsworth/ESPN Images

Following the initial lawsuit, TMZ Sports obtained and published court documents in August showing text messages that Zawaideh claimed White sent her that were graphic in nature.

At the time, White — through a spokesperson — said that Zawaideh was attempting to “craft a bogus lawsuit.”

In February, White had tried to compel Zawaideh to undergo a mental health examination after she claimed the text messages caused her mental and emotional distress.

USA Today reports that White withdrew that request, and last week Zawaideh’s attorney filed a notice of unconditional settlement in the case and requested the case be dismissed. A trial date had been set for August in San Diego Superior Court.

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