Shaun White crashes during practice, withdraws from Winter Games NZ

Shaun White will have to stay off his board for a few weeks, despite the 2018 Winter Olympics being right around the corner.

During halfpipe practice at the Winter Games New Zealand this week, two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White crashed and was sent to the hospital. In an Instagram post, White explained that he “under rotated a double flip.”

It is not clear what exactly White injured during the crash, but in the post on Instagram he said he was “seeing blood in my urine,” which is never a good thing.

White did continue to say that all tests came back negative, so he appears to have avoided serious injury -- although this apparently happened on his birthday (Sept. 3), which is never a great present. White also had to withdraw from this weekend’s Snowboard Halfpipe World Cup at the Winter Games New Zealand.

In a press release from the Winter Games New Zealand, White said, “Nothing is broken but the doctors advised me to take a few weeks off. I’m heading home to rest and prepare for more snowboarding next month.”

With the 2018 Winter Olympics quickly approaching, one has to wonder if this will hinder the 31-year-old’s pursuit of a third Olympic gold medal -- especially since qualification hasn’t even begun yet.

Only time will tell if White’s health will be up to the task after this crash. Hopefully he can heal up and be ready to throw down in PyeongChang, South Korea, come February of next year.

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