To anyone who is down to have a good time while watching some insane riding on the big screen in So Cal, join us this weekend for LIVE music, free booze and more.

beta snowboarder movie

Photo: Courtesy of Snowboarder Magazine

When: Sept. 20, 2018, 7 p.m.
Where: Volcom HQ, 1740 Monrovia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Price: Free for all ages
Beer: Free from 10 Barrel (for ages 21+)
Food: Wienerschnitzel will be providing free food
Live Music: The Side Eyes, ROBBER, Fat Tony

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On Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018 at 7 p.m. the doors will open at the Volcom world headquarters in Costa Mesa, California for a celebration of a changing of the guard within the video landscape.

With Beta, SNOWBOARDER Magazine has once again assembled an eclectic crew of disrupters who strive to change the game every time they strap in. Volatile and charismatic, this cadre of riders on the come-up have cut their teeth following the contest circuit while being featured in online edits.

Putting this pedigree aside, these 10 talents spent the winter of 2018 charging the alpine with cameras in tow, sending it further, stomping cleaner and pushing progression harder than ever before. Filmed from Austria to Canada and all points in between – The SNOWBOARDER movie: Beta provides viewers with an unfiltered perspective of the style, ability and fearlessness that Brock Crouch, Benny Milam, Gabe Ferguson, Finn Westbury, Gab Jacques, Nik Baden, Reid Smith, Brandon Davis, Jacob Krugmire and Jared Elston possess. Directed by Tyler Orton and featuring a soundtrack that includes artists like Fugazi, Portishead and the Cro-MagsBeta taps all senses in an effort to spread the stoke and announce the arrival of a new generation of professional snowboarders to the big screen.

The Beta world premiere is being brought to you with generous support from Volcom, the Ikon Pass, Ten Barrel Brewing Company and Mammoth as well as the featured sponsors of the film which include Adidas, Ride, Giro, Seven Springs, O’neill, Rockstar, Salomon, Oakley, GNU, Neff, Union and Burton.

Be sure to RSVP for a free ticket!

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