Jiberish Clothing’s first trailer for their new flick “Right Back Where We Started” has hit the interaweb and it’s looking straight up banger. This feel good flick is all about having fun and shredding with your buddies. Big booters, gnarly rails, and awesome falls are all featured in this teaser. This little taste has us hungry for the full release which will be free to download later this month. Enjoy the tease and get ready to get “Right Back Where We Started.”

Words: Jiberish Clothing

Jiberish Clothing presents ‘Right Back Where We Started’, a motion picture profiling the Jiberish family of athletes as they display their unique styles in the disciplines of snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding. From the terrain parks of Colorado, to the bustling streets of San Francisco, watch our cameras follow around some of the best in the game.

Leave the grandiose action sports movies in your DVD player and load up our 2010 digital featurette which will boast content that you, the rider, can relate to. Those feel good sunny days in the terrain park, the pursuit of the elusive manual pier side and the thrill of greasing that perfect night time urban down rail are some of the sensations we have captured in colorful and dynamic moving images.

A free online offering, coming in August of 2010.

Featuring: Tom Wallisch, Joe Mango, Ian Cosco, Adam Delorme, Mike Hornbeck, Justin Norman, Henrik Harlaut, Stephen Richards, Matt Walker, Keri Herman, AJ Kemppainen, Elijah Moore, Jon Brogan and Corey Vanular.