Welp, the party’s over here in Breckenridge as the last day of 2018 Dew Tour is in the books. From young guns stealing the spotlight to veterans getting their first Dew Tour victories, here’s what went down on day four …

What better way to start it off than with a superpipe heat? The Men’s Ski Modified Superpipe skiiers came out swingin’ as defending Dew Tour pipe champion and U.S. Olympic Ski Team star Alex Ferreira took the win again this year.

Alex Ferreira you know, just doing what he does. Photo: Courtesy of Walter

Rolling into the Women’s Modified Superpipe Final and we have the 18-year-old legend Chloe Kim taking on the other 18-year-old legend Maddie Mastro. Kim prevailed Mastro’s second place score of 88.00 with a 94.67.

Left to right: Mastro, Kim and Queralt Castellet. Photo: Courtesy of Ortiz

Then of course we have the Men’s Slopestyle Final which needless to say, was packed with heat. To no surprise, Stale Sandbech took the win. But to most everyone’s surprise, this was his first time getting first at Dew Tour. That’s right, the living-legend, fan-favorite who has more medals than there are stars in the sky has yet to earn a first place spot at Dew Tour until today – and it didn’t come easy.

He stomped his first place spot on his last run of the day and everyone was considering it a clinch. Until the second place-sitting 19-year-old Chris Corning came within 1.34 points of taking the helm on the very last run of the day. Although many fans would’ve loved to see the young gun push his way forward, he still contributed to the exciting ending that it was.

Put it on your fridge, Stale! Photo: Courtesy of Mark Clavin

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