Friday marked the second day of 2018 Dew Tour Breckenridge, leaving us with two more full days of top-level skiing and snowboarding here in Colorado.

After a morning Women’s Ski Modified Superpipe Final heat, the day was focused on snowboarding: Women’s Snowboard Jump Final, Women’s Snowboard Jib Final, Team Snowboard Superpipe Final, Team Snowboard Jump Final and Team Snowboard Jib Final.

dew tour ski results

Rachael Karker gettin’ it in the Modified Superpipe Final this morning. Photo: Courtesy of Jamie Walter

The ladies started the day proper as Rachael Karker snagged the first place spot and was followed by Cassie Sharpe in second and Devin Logan in third.

What’s oftentimes overlooked in competitions – especially in the morning – are the conditions. Even on warm bluebird days like today, the snow in the morning is almost always icy.

To be sending a cork 900 and 720 in the shaded (most icy) sides of the pipe like Karker did, helping to land her a first place score, is nothing short of extremely impressive.

dew tour ski results

Left to right: Rachael Karker, Cassie Sharpe and Devin Logan. Photo: Courtesy of Chris Ortiz

Next up was the Women’s Snowboard Jump Final, where each athlete had three runs. Their best scores where then combined with their best of three scores in the Jib Final where together, they earned a total slopestyle score. Splitting the slopestyle course into separate jump section and jib sections, made it easier for the athletes to focus on each section separately, but also required a mammoth amount of energy to maintain strength and accuracy for the duration of six total runs.

First place winner Anna Gasser has been on a heater lately and (if she hasn’t done so already) proved herself a force to be reckoned with after she won an ESPY in 2017, become the first female to land a triple cork last month and ultimately winning first place at Dew Tour. Only time will tell what is next.

Anna Gasser doing what she does … Photo: Courtesy of Bryce Kanights

Beyond Gasser, the story of the morning was how progressive women’s snowboarding is getting as Julia Marino stopped heavy double corks of her own that scored her in second place and Enni Rukajarvi laid down a stylish, stlighly-corked switch front 540 and ended it with a massive backside 720.

All three of the victors had proper jib section scores to complement their jump scores.

Up next was the ever-popular, Team Challenge. Brining athletes together to compete on a team, in a traditionally singular sport, is an especially effective way to boost camaraderie amongst athletes, and is a favorite of both competitors and fans alike. This year, DC won after getting last place in last year’s competition.

All the teams were killing it – especially Nitro, with Markus Keller’s Nitro Quiver Cannon 173cm …

By far the most impressive thing to happen. Photo: Courtesy of Mark Clavin

Ultimately, it was Sebbe De Buck, Mons Roisland and Toby Miller who led the DC team to victory.

DC in 1st, Capita in 2nd and Rome in 3rd. Photo: Courtesy of Chris Ortiz

In the press conference following their victory, De Buck said, “It was super fun competing in the team format today. It’s like, ‘Dang, if I blow it right here, I blow it for my team.’ So it’s really fun putting it down on behalf of them.”

Toby Miller added, “Team events are great because it’s not like seeing the same few snowboarders on the podium every time. It mixes things up and it’s fun counting on your teammates.”

And that’s it for Day Two of Dew Tour Breckenridge. Stay tuned the rest of the weekend for even more skiing and snowboarding action.

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