Hannah Teter helps with the Special Olympics Medal Ceremony in South Korea. Photo Courtesy of BurtonGirls.com

Hannah Teter helps with a Special Olympics medal ceremony in South Korea. Photo courtesy of BurtonGirls.com

Snowboarder Hannah Teter is not only a two-time Olympic medalist, she is a down to earth 25-year-old who uses her fame to do good. With her nonprofit, Hannah’s Gold, she has raised more than $200,000 selling Vermont maple syrup and used that money to help build new schools and provide access to fresh drinking water in a village in Kenya. She has also lent support to PETA. This year, Hannah got a chance to extend her goodwill by attending the Special Olympics World Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, as an Ambassador Athlete.

Aside from socializing and playing on the snow with the athletes, Teter also participated in the event’s Global Development Summit Panel, where she was challenged to come up with an effective strategy to get intellectually disabled athletes recognized in mainstream sports. Her solution was simple: get side-by-side events running in the X Games, one of the most-watched winter sports events every year.

“I sat in front of a room full of world leaders (yikes!) and proposed the idea that we should hold an event at the Winter X Games for Special Olympians to compete in,” Teter said on BurtonGirls.com. “Of course, everyone there thought this would be epic, and now our goal is to actually make it happen!”

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