Pro snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue has helped develop innovative snowboard bindings that can help save your life by exploding on-demand if you get caught in an avalanche.

In February, during ISPO Munich — the world’s largest sporting goods and sportswear trade fair — the binding system won the ISPO Award 2017 for innovation in the Avalanche Safety category.

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The system — known as the Resero XV — was developed by Avalanche Float Solutions (AFS), a company the iconic French big-mountain rider co-founded with the explicit purpose of keeping snowboarders and skiers alive if they’re caught in snow slides. The main focus of the system is keeping riders floating on top of avalanches as they come barreling down the mountain.

While airbag systems already exist to help skiers and snowboarders float atop snow slides, as de Le Rue explains in the above video, due to the anchor effect of being strapped into bulky snowboards and skis, the airbags are too often ineffective and riders still get buried in an avalanche field.

avalanche safety system

The pyrotechnic charge in the middle of the board will blow off bindings in the event of a snow slide. Photo: Courtesy of AFS

“Most casualties [in avalanches] occur due to suffocation and injuries,” de Le Rue says in the above video. “Once you’re under an avalanche you only have 15 minutes before your chances of survival fall drastically.”

To counteract that, the Resero XV system has a wireless trigger that — when pulled — activates strategically-placed pyrotechnic charges that blow the bindings of a snowboard (or skis) clean off.

As reported by New Atlas, AFS will be partnering with German avalanche airbag specialist ABS to make the Resero XV compatible with a wireless airbag system. Under the system, the first pull of the Resero XV trigger wirelessly activates the airbag and the second blows off your bindings.

While the company doesn’t yet have a definitive launch date, the Resero XV system is expected to retail for around $420, according to New Atlas.