The histories of skateboarding and snowboarding are inextricably linked to each other.

Snowboarding icon Bryan Iguchi has often talked about how skateboarding greatly influenced the early days of snowboarding, and present-day snowboarding stars from Mark McMorris to Danny Davis like to show off their skate abilities online.

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In an effort to truly merge the sports, Mountain Dew built a first-of-its-kind skate/snow “SuperSnake” course that allowed some of the top skateboarders and snowboarders in the world to show off their talents side-by-side while cruising down the slopes at California’s Sierra at Tahoe resort:

As shown in the edit, painstaking planning went into creating the 1,075-foot skate skate runway.

Once it was finished, it took the pros a while to get their speed down, with skateboarders gaining too much speed as they descended the course and snowboarders needing to be towed-in to get the speed they needed.

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Ultimately, the crew of riders was able to get everything dialed in, and ripped up the course.

Make sure you tune into Dew Tour Breckenridge on December 8-11, where the same innovative mindset that birthed “SuperSnake” will be applied to a new, re-imagined contest format.

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