The snow dome is finally coming to America. For years, indoor snow destinations have operated all around Europe and in a host of unlikely locations throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. Now, the first Western Hemisphere facility is set to open in East Rutherford, New Jersey in March of next year.

Big Snow America will be an extension of the American Dream Meadowlands entertainment destination, and will feature an 800 vertical-foot slope inside a 16-story building. Furthermore, the slope will boast 180,000 square feet of terrain and will come complete with a chairlift, terrain park, and both freeriding and lesson areas.

indoor slopes

A digital rendering of the slope at Big Snow America. Photo: Courtesy of American Dream Meadowlands

The facility will cater to all skill levels, however, is primarily designed as a beginner’s destination with the intent of increasing interest in snow sports by providing access to those who otherwise would not. However, organizers anticipate increased use by advanced visitors in the off-season and warmer months.

The snow itself will be man-made and blown throughout the building using the same snowmaking technology found at your local resort. Like those in already in existence, Big Snow America will utilize complete humidity and climate control mechanisms in addition to a glycol cooling system to maintain the slope’s snow levels. However, unlike many other facilities, Big Snow America will collect the limited snowmelt that does occur, and reuse the water with their snowmaking system.

indoor slopes

Another digital rendering of the proposed base are and Chalet. Photo: Courtesy of American Dream Meadowlands

Construction of Big Snow America is already underway, and while the task remains daunting, organizers are confident in a March 2019 opening. Other features of the park are slated to include an ice climbing wall, an ice skating rink, and many dining and retail options. Big Snow America itself will be only a small portion of the larger American Dream entertainment destination and will join water and amusement parks as a primary attraction.

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