Now it’s time for your daily dose of aspirational/jealousy-inducing travel writing–and today it comes in the form of Powder editor-at-large Derek Taylor’s recent story on skiing Alyeska, Alaska: “Time slows in the white room. Fleeting moments stretch into minutes, minutes feel like hours. My visibility is gone, but I know there’s nothing but snow in front of me. I give in to the fall line. It’s mid-February, but relative to the historically dry winter in the rest of the country, this is the deepest, lightest snow I’ve skied all season–by a long shot. I let out a ha-HA, sounding like the Andy Samberg “Saturday Night Live” character Shy Ronnie. The snow keeps blasting into my face. ha-Ha!” To read Taylor’s full story on Alyeska, which saw record-breaking snow last winter, click here to purchase the digital edition of Powder’s most recent issue. Or check out some video that Taylor shot in Alyeska by clicking play below.