The ski industry suffered a terrible winter last year (read: there wasn’t a lot of snow), and Powder magazine correspondent Ryan Dunfee wonders aloud in a recent column about why the ski industry isn’t doing anything to combat climate change.

Photo of Squaw Valley in January, with no snow, courtesy Powder, Dunfee

“The first thing the trade groups need to do is take a firm stand on the issue, one that expresses the concern we should all have for the future of skiing. Then they need to be using their lobbying platforms to let Congress know that the $66 billion ski industry and its 21 million participants want definitive policy action now,” he wrote. “Need a policy to rally around? With the fiscal cliff looming at the end of this year, a carbon tax and dividend could be a great solution to lobby for that would keep government revenue stable and start accounting for the real cost of carbon emissions while letting the free market figure out how best to reduce them. It could also deflect increases to income and payroll taxes, or cuts to social-spending programs, all of which are at risk on the other side of that cliff.”

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