Chill Zone: 3 snowboarders’ custom mountain abodes

You have to appreciate these snowboarders’ unique approaches to building their dream homes.

The concept of a dream home is different for everyone. While some may dream of extravagant luxuries and unbound square footage, many people - especially those who have dedicated their lives to the mountains - dream of something more minimal.

There are a number of professional snowboarders who have concepted (and most impressively built) their dream homes in idyllic locations across North America.

Some have prioritized sustainability, others ridable features, and each home is unique in its purpose and materials. For these snowboarders, a dream home is a mix of ingenuity, comfort and location.

Whether you dream of DC Mountain Lab-esque luxury or a mini-home in the mountains, you have to appreciate these snowboarders' unique approaches to building their dream homes.

Mike Basich, Area 241

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Mike Basich is a snowboarding legend who has always approached life with creative flair. Basich was well known for his self portraits in the ’90s and could frequently be seen riding with camcorders rigged to his torso.

His most iconic moment came when he decided it would be a good idea to huck himself out of a helicopter hovering nearly 100 feet over a steep, powder-filled face.

Basich approached his off-the-grid Tahoe home with the same ingenuity and passion that he put into his photography and created what might be the most unique home of any winter athlete.

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The home is perched on a Sierra hillside near the town of Truckee, California. Made out of locally sourced stone and wood, it has many unique features such as inset interior crystals, a pentagram shape, and sit-down stone shower in the living room.

Small in scale and but hugely creative, Basich’s home sits on 40 acres, which he has converted into a snowboard wonderland complete with an operating chairlift.

When it comes to a snowboard Shangri La, Mike’s cool cabin in the woods takes the cake.

Tim and Hannah Eddy, The Childerness

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Another Truckee, California, DIY home that has received plenty of attention over the last several years is the Eddy residence.

Home to professional snowboarder and all-around positive human Tim Eddy and his artist and snowboarder wife Hannah, the home is a manifestation of passion, sustainability and hard work.

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Dubbed “The Childerness,” the Eddys’ mini-home is made with mostly reclaimed and recycled materials. And while the home is big on sustainability, it sacrifices neither quality nor design.

The Eddy household sits on 20 acres and plays host to a cement skate bowl and the occasional winter rhythm section.

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Marie-France Roy, The Dirt Palace

MFR, as she is commonly referred to, might be the most dominant female backcountry rider in snowboarding history.

The French Canadian legend has cemented herself into snowboarding history by absolutely slaying the mountains of Western Canada.

While having a successful contest career, Roy is best known for her standout video parts that have garnered her industry-wide acclaim as well as TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Women Rider of the Year, Women’s Readers’ Choice, and Women’s Video part of the Year awards.

Roy, a Patagonia ambassador and environmentalist, approached building her idyllic cob home with sustainability in mind. She used natural materials like clay and sand and has sustainable design features that she chose to offset her carbon footprint as a professional snowboarder.

The home is nestled in a secluded and beautiful part of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, offering MFR quick access to many of her favorite outdoor activities.

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