With mountains across the country beginning to open their slopes, there are dozens of new snowboarding and skiing edits popping up.

But perhaps no new movie is as important for the industry as “Full Moon.”

“Full Moon,” which came to be in part via a crowdfunding campaign, is aiming to be the first snowboarding film dedicated solely to telling the back stories of the women who have helped shape the sport.

The two-year project features interviews and segments on snowboarders like Elena Hight and Jamie Anderson, and highlights the past, present and future of women’s snowboarding.

Jamie Anderson Full moon snowboarding film

Anderson (above) is one of the many stars featured in the film who explores her early influences. Photo: Courtesy of Full Moon

Head over to TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING to read an interview with Leanne Pelosi — the film’s director and producer — on the challenges of shooting the film’s crazy Whistler backcountry segment, as well as an exclusive peek of the Whistler part.

You can check also out TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING for more clips from the film, or head over to iTunes or Vimeo-on-Demand to watch the film in its entirety.

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