The second day of competition for Winter Dew Tour 2016 got underway, and it was all about the jibs.

As the athletes were scored on their best two of four runs in the jumps final on Friday, they were scored on their best one of three runs for the jibs (on a 100-point scale).

This meant that they would need to lay down at least one flawless run to have a shot at taking the overall win.

With windy conditions and light clouds early in the day, turning to snowfall later in the morning, the athletes had their work cut for them to adapt to the challenging weather.

The morning began with relatively mellow weather and not-so-mellow jibs. Photo: Jon Perino

The morning began with relatively mellow weather and not-so-mellow jibs. Photo: Jon Perino

The previous day of competition had put Canadian Mark McMorris in a healthy lead in the Snowboard Men’s event, Henrik Harlaut in the lead for Men’s Ski and 14-year-old Kelli Sildaru dominating the Women’s Ski — The Women’s Snowboard Jumps Final had been put on hold until Sunday due to inclement weather.

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Needless to say, all of the athletes in all of their respective fields were frothing to overcome the leaders going into the day.

Here’s how it all panned out.

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Jibs final

Although the wind gusts were far from ideal for competition, it didn’t seem to phase the women at all as competition kicked off for the day.

The course itself was primed and the features were perfection.

It was Jamie Anderson’s smooth style that landed her in the number one spot in the overall Women’s Slopestyle standings with a massive 91.33 score total.

Hayley Langland came in a close second place scoring 86.00 points, and Spencer O’Brien with 80.00 points going into the final day for the Snowboard Women’s Slopestyle competition.

Anderson will be the one to beat in the jumps going into the final day of competition on Sunday.

Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Jibs final

A relieved Mark McMorris moments after stomping his winning run. Photo: Jon Perino

A relieved Mark McMorris moments after stomping his winning run. Photo: Jon Perino

Just as Mark McMorris took the lead yesterday (on his birthday), and given that he’s one of most consistent and explosive jibbers on the planet, his overall win came as no surprise as he put together an unbelievable third run to take home the first place spot on the podium (with a 172.66 point total).

“I’m so freakin’ stoked,” said McMorris as he stood on the podium holding his Dew Tour trophy. “I just had to come out here and make it happen. Everybody rode so well.”

And it was an all-Canadian podium this year with Max Parrot coming in second with a total of 161.66, and Sebastien Toutant only one point behind him with 160.66 total points for the competition.

Women’s Ski Slopestyle Jibs final

The weather took a drastic shift as the snow began to feather down from the sky, making the conditions tricky for the start of the Ski Slopestyle Jibs final.

However, these women were fired up to put on a show for all of the spectators braving the elements to cheer them on.

In the end it was 14-year-old Kelli Sildaru putting down a line that nobody else could match. Landing all of her tricks with precision and style, she landed herself on at the top of the podium.

“I’m really stoked,” said Saildaru in her post-run interview. “The conditions were really hard.”

Maggie Voisin came in as the runner-up with 153.32 total points, while Kaya Turksi held it down in the third position with a combined score of 146.99.

Men’s Ski Slopestyle final

As the snow continued to fall, the Men got underway with the Ski Slopestyle Jib final, and it was nothing short of explosive.

The snow was soft and a bit slow, but the guys came out of the gates swinging and put on an impressive show for all the dedicated fans eager to see their heroes go to work.

And of the end of day it was Henrik Harlaut (who came into the day in the lead) that took home the coveted number one spot on the podium as Dew Tour Champion with a combined score of 162.65.

“I feel phenomenal,” Harlaut said after his win. “This format is so awesome. Everybody skied so good … it’s been the best season I’ve ever had.”

Rounding out the top three for the competition was Oystein Braten with a 158.32 point total, and Canadian Alex Beaulieu-Marchand bringing in 153.99 points.

In case you missed any of the day’s action, jut sit back, relax and enjoy:

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