Justin Trudeau

The newly-elected Canadian PM is an avid snowboarder, which could bode well for environmental issues. Photo: Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is the new flavor of the month in international politics.

The newly-elected, 43-year-old Canadian Prime Minister, son of iconic former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau, has inspired fawning blog posts for his good looks, taken flack from John Oliver for a video in which he demonstrates a party trick he uses to fool people into thinking he’s falling down a flight of stairs, and captivated audiences with his eccentric career history (he was once a bungee jumping coach).

But beyond all that, he’s also an avid snowboarder, and that could have massive ramifications for Canada.

As reported by TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING, Trudeau worked as a snowboarding instructor in Whistler in the mid-1990s while attending the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver.

He would drive up to the mountains on the weekends and coach teens in a program called the Ride Tribe. While there, he would often crash on his friend couch or sleep in his van with a space heater.

But beyond the funny stories, the liberal Trudeau’s election has the winter sports community, as well as environmentally-concerned Canadians, feeling energized.

Former PM Steven Harper eliminated multiple Canadian laws that worked to protect the environment. Fans of Trudeau expect that to change.

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau shredding in his younger days. Photo: Scott Birk

"The most important part of JT being elected is that we, as a country, have come together to say we want change," Canadian pro Robin Van Gyn told TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING. "The previous government has done a lot of damage and, at the least, we have put a stop to furthering that … The Liberals could be a lot stronger when it comes to climate and environmental issues."

Fellow Canadian snowboarder Leanne Pelosi echoed that sentiment.

“I'm hoping that Trudeau starts working on reinstating all the laws to protect the environment that Harper took away,” Pelosi said. “It feels so good that Canada came together yesterday, I think we are going in a positive direction for the future.”

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