Men’s Podium- Photo: Shem Roose

Sunny, cloudless skies created the perfect atmosphere for the Slopestyle Finals at the 28th annual Burton US Open.

The springy weather coupled with the three run format produced the ideal set up for progressive riding and competitors were showcasing the “suns out guns out” frame of mind. Hammer after hammer were thrown on the six feature course and it was apparent all the riders showed up to get down.

Mikkel Bang

The men hit the course first and Mikkel Bang out of Olso, Norway snagged the lead early in the game. His first run set the standard for the day as he earned a 93.5 right off the bat. This score held the top spot until Bang beat himself in his second run by scoring an all time high 98.0. Bang ‘s ultra laid back style, massive spins and overall technicality were just what the judges were looking for. This victory marks Bang’s first Us Open win etching this shredder into Us Open history for eternity.

Ulrik Badertscher Photo: Shem Roose

The surprise of the day came from Ulrik Badertscher who snaked his way into second place after annihilating his third run. Badertscher’s run included a backside 1080 late cork off of the big booter and a 50/50 double flip, which was shot off of the cannon feature. This trick also earned him the best trick of the day, and $3,000 smackaroos.

Sebastian Toutant. Photo: Shem Roose

Coming in a solid third was Sebastian Toutant who is more fondly known as ‘Seb Touts’. Seb is free to toot his horn any day after this surprising podium finish. Seb just couldn’t put down a clean run in either of his first or second attempts, but the fire was set in round three as Toutant burned his way through the course, smoking every feature with fierce, smooth style.

Shifting towards the feminine side of things, the pro women of the shred world went all out, each hoping to nail a spot on the podium. The level of riding for the ladies was truly progressive as everyone was going big and stomping solidly.

It quickly became clear that Sina Canadrian had the course on lock and wouldn’t be walking away without the win. Canadrian was the most consistent on the course and the lone lady to score above a 90.0, which she easily did in all three of runs. Canadrian was bested by herself by earning a 95.5 on her third run that included a smooth cab 540, a frontside 720, a backside 360, and ending it with a truck-driver grab off of the pole jam.

Similar to the men’s field, the second place finish for the women was somewhat of a shocker. Shelly Gotlieb who had a couple of bobbles in her first two runs, sent it in her third run throwing a backflip and sailed her way past the compeition for a podium finish.

Shelly Gotieb- Photo: Shem Roose

Rounding out the top three was ‘One Life’ crew member Jamie Anderson. Anderson has been missing out on podium status as of late, but returned to her rightful position of being a leading a lady by landing a run that included uber technical rail tricks, a BS 180, switch 540, a front 3, and topped it off with a shifty shocker on the up-box.

Jamie Anderson on the right with her One Life Crew. @burtonsnowboards

Jamie Anderson SENDing!!! photo: Shem Roose

Right after the women’s last run, the awards ceremony went down on the stage at the base of Stratton. The mandatory champagne shake and subsequent spray off solidified the event in US Open history, marking it as one of the sunniest and most progressive comps in the 28 years of Open shredding.

Photo: Shem Roose