Snagging a cover shot as a snowboard photographer is an increasingly rare event. As such, many longtime snowboard photographers have yet to see an image of theirs make its way to newsstand shelves.

In fact, only just earlier this season, TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Senior Photographer, Darcy Bacha, snagged his first TWS cover with a shot of Kazu Kokubo on the November issue. Given this, the fact that Darcy not only snagged one cover – but two just this year – is undoubtedly a cause for celebration.

dustin craven

Here, we see Dustin Craven launching a very sizeable drop in the Revelstoke, B.C. backcountry while filming for Kamikazu. The zone in which this image was taken has a tenured history of being tough to shoot in.

Difficult lighting, variable snow conditions, and being limited by the number of possible attempts are only a few of the challenges Darcy and Dustin were faced with when shooting. Both of them had attempted this zone before, only to come just short of the success we see plastered on the final cover of TransWorld SNOWboarding’s 32nd volume.

We recommend you hurriedly make your way to the nearest newsstand, or renew your TW SNOWboarding subscription. If you need a little more motivation to get out there and catch up on your reading, continue below for the full story behind Darcy and Dustin’s latest accomplishment …

dustin craven

A veteran in the backcountry, Dustin Craven eyes the goods before making an attack.

Where was this photo taken?

It was taken in Interior B.C. right outside of Revelstoke. It’s a pretty popular zone, but this drop is rarely hit. The landing needs to fill in perfect and after one hit it’s usually toast until the next storm. I knew that the feature got some morning sun, but honestly, it’s cloudy about 95% of the time we go up there, so I had no idea that the photo would end up popping as it did.

How long have you been shooting with Dustin for?

I’ve been shooting with Dustin since I started snowmobiling. So – probably about six years now. He definitely deserves this cover for all of the times he’s helped me get unstuck on my sled – and probably will continue to get me unstuck. But honestly, this was a long time coming. Dustin is probably one of the most savage snowboarders I’ve ever gone up with. His passion for riding, and his ability to do so go hand and hand. There’s a reason that Kazu Kokubo pretty much only goes up with Craven.

dustin craven

Gaining experience on a sled is no easy task. Dustin Craven however, has been making the journey into the backcountry longer than most.

What are some of the challenges faced on this trip/ with getting this photo?

Just like anything in the backcountry, it’s all about the conditions, lighting, and timing. I literally got off a plane from Europe and drove straight up to Revelstoke for this shot. I think this was the first or second day of shooting with Dustin of the season for me. As I said, I’ve never seen this feature in the light before.

What are some of the unique elements of this image?

I think the photo illustrates something that’s super gnarly but also so satisfying to look at. I think anyone can look at the image and just fantasize about being there, everything is perfect and just makes you wish you could be there snowboarding.

dustin craven

Look before you leap. Dustin assesses the drop before committing fully.

What was different about this trip/day than others while shooting for Kamikazu?

Well, this was definitely a power week shooting for the project, I talked to Justin Hare – Kamikazu filmer – at the end of the season and we both agreed that was our best week of shooting of the season. We got super lucky with conditions and sun. I remember I was so stoked at the end of this day I shot a video of this cover on the back of my computer and sent it to Dustin because I was so eager for him to see it.

What is your favorite part of the image?

The sunshine makes me really happy. That rarely happens in this zone, and I feel super lucky we were able to get it.

Anything else you want to add?

This was a rebate from Dustin’s try at this drop a few years prior that I also shot. The landing and the photo didn’t turn out nearly as well the first time around.

dustin craven

It’s not all hefty drops in the backcountry, and a successful shot deserves ample reward. Dustin Craven seen here in celebration mode.

All Photos by Darcy Bacha.

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