Christmas is closing in fast and it’s giving us hot flashes. Stores are swarming with crazed and desperate customers, the shops look like someone threw up product all over the place, the lines are curving around the corner, and there are way too many toddlers screaming their faces off. To avoid serious trauma from these types of situations, we’ve attempted to provide a cheat sheet for gifts in regards to snowboarding. The featured item this week is somewhat of a necessity when it comes to going riding – a snowboard.

There are countless brands with their own collection of snow sticks ranging from expensive to affordable, powder boards to jib boards, rocker to camber, hideous graphics to sweet graphics…it goes on and on. We’ve snagged a few of our favorites to help you narrow down your search. So, take a deep breath, peruse what we’ve picked for this week’s gift guide, and become everyone’s favorite gift giver.

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Arbor Blacklist $419.95

Arbor Del Rey $299.95

Restricted Burton Nug $399.95

Burton Custom X $649.95

Burton Lipstick Women’s $479.95

Burton Flying-V Deja Vu Women’s $399.95

Forum Destroyer Double Dog $439.95

Forum Youngblood ChillyDog $399.95

Forum Spinster Women’s $399.95

Forum Sauce Women’s $319.95

Flow Shifty $379.99

Flow Jewel Women’s $369.99

Rome Mod Rocker $550.00

Rome Artifact Rocker $370.00

Rome Detail Rocker Women’s $360.00

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro $539.95

Ride Berzerker $489.95

Ride DH2 $499.95

Ride OMG Women’s $439.95

Gnu B-Street Women’s $449.95

K2 Fastplant $499.95

K2 WWW $379.95

K2 Va Va Voom Women’s $379.95

CAPiTA Totally F*kn Awesome $449

CAPiTA Indoor Survival FK $399

CAPiTA Saturnia Women’s $339