Slacklining is one of those activities that can easily be made much more dangerous depending on your skill level. In recent years we’ve seen extremists take to slacklining across gaping canyons, upping the ante to a realm most of us can’t fathom. Albeit, almost always strapped in as well.

Professional slackliner Tauri Vahesaar wanted to achieve something a bit different with his latest stunt. So he strapped a slackline in between two snowcats and gave it a go as the snowcats started moving uphill.

“It’s so hard with the moving,” Vahesaar confesses. “Every kind of movement they make, just pulls me off all the time.”

Vahesaar eventually gets comfortable with the movement but also had to deal with the tension of the slackline changing at every instance. This he describes was the hardest part.

“The biggest difficulty was the team work because it was hard to communicate and sometimes they were thinking that the slackline is under tension, but really it was not,” says Vahesaar. “It got me quite scared because when they make it under tension and then again loose, then I can’t make a trick and I can fail really badly.”

The team got it dialed in and Vahesaar was able to perform a handful of tricks. Certainly not something you see everyday on the ski hill.

Tauri Vahesaar between two snowcats.

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