It takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to take on the towering ramps of ski jumping. With jumpers often flying over 200 meters in the air, the risk of injury from one minor error is palpable.

So the thought of strapping two ski jumpers to one pair of skis and launching off a ski jump in tandem probably seemed like the dream of a mad scientist, that is, until skiers Jaka Rus and Rok Urbanc became the first duo to complete the jaw-dropping feat Thursday.

Tandem Ski Jump

Rok Urbanc and Jaka Rus have completed the sketchy task of successfully conquering a ski jump in tandem.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday by Trainers4Me, the pair can be seen dropping into the ski-jumping ramp in Planica, Slovenia, in tandem before flying off the ramp and landing safely at the bottom of the hill.

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“Impossible but we made it,” Urbanc wrote on Facebook about his historic jump. “Proud to be part of this team and to write history!”

“If you’re crazy enough anything is possible,” Rus wrote on his Facebook, echoing Urbanc’s thoughts.

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