Skier David Wise is known for pushing the envelope. As the reigning Olympic gold medalist in men’s ski halfpipe, Wise is renowned for the amplitude he builds up coming out of jumps — hitting heights that most other skiers can only dream of. Still, even with all that in mind, Wise was able to set the skiing world on its ear yet again by claiming an insane world record over the weekend: He sailed a ridiculous 46.5 feet above the lip of a hip jump in Italy.

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On Saturday, while competing at the Suzuki Nine Knights Perfect Hip contest in Watles, South Tyrol, Italy, Wise took off on a hip jump, flying 14.2 meters (46.58 feet) above the lip of the jump, shattering the previous record of 11.27 meters (36.97 feet) set in 2006 by Norwegian skier, Andreas Håtveit.

David wise world record Italy

Wise’s world record becomes all the more impressive when you look at it from his point of view.

“It wasn’t a goal, but I decided to go as high as I possibly can, record or not. In the end, to take that title home is definitely an experience of a lifetime,” Wise told officials with Nine Knights after the jump. “The jump is just so well built. From the first time I hit it to the last, I was having fun.”

And while you might have expected the initial shock to wear off on Wise, the 25-year-old skier took to Instagram on Monday to offer another view of his crazy feat and share his disbelief at capturing the world record.

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“If you told me that I would go 46.5 feet above a takeoff, I wouldn’t have believed you,” Wise captioned his Instagram photo. “It’s just silly.”

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