The six-day Suzuki Nine Royals contest begins Monday at the Watles resort in Italy, giving ski and snowboard fans a chance to take in one of the most original snow sports competitions in the world.

The event rounds up the top snowboarders and skiers in the world for a week-long session. But what makes this contest unique, is that the entire session takes place on a giant, towering snow castle that has been built up to feature huge hips, big-air kickers, transition hits galore and even jib options.

In anticipation for the event, GoPro released a new clip on Thursday showing how freeskier extraordinaire Emma Dahlstrom gets ready for a day of riding one of the craziest terrain parks in the world:

This type of action is nothing new for the event, which started off as the Suzuki Nine Knights freeskiing contest in 2008 before adding a women’s division — the Nine Queens — in 2011.

In the following years, snowboarders were added to the event before all the divisions were merged together this year to form the Suzuki Nine Royals.

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Last year at the event, American freeskier David Wise set a world record by getting a full 46.5 feet above the lip of a hip hit during the Nine Knights Perfect Hip contest.

And in 2015 Klaudia Medlova of Slovakia became the first person to ever land a backside double rodeo 900 mute:

Action begins Monday, and for the first five days only photographers and videographers will be allowed in on the contest, so tune into the Nine Knights YouTube page for daily updates on the contest as it unfolds. Then, on Saturday, the final competition day will be opened to the public.